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Address: Ulica Slobode 16, Sveti Stefan - Budva, Crna Gora.  Tel.+382 33 468 264;  +382 69 796 156;  +382 69 034 309,  ENG +381 64 460 53 20

St Stefan

Sveti Stefan, in the world known for its beauty, architecture, comfort and beaches, a place of history mixed with harmonious and beautiful natural surroundings. Our guests can realize the magic of this prestigious resort in Montenegro.


Beautiful beaches are spread through the village of Sveti Stefan, luxurious and romantic Miločer and Pržno village. Within 1 mile are: Queen's Beach, Kings Beach, Pržno and two beaches along the peninsula Sveti Stefan. Are among the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. 

Parks and walkways

Entire area is associated with a boardwalk that passes through parks and beaches. Allocated Miloèer park that draws its location and variety of trees, tropical vegetation. Picturesque landscapes will make a memorable walk.

Peninsula - hotel

It looks extraordinary, surrounded by high stone walls, and the island of Sveti Stefan with the right to wear the title of the most beautiful buildings on the Montenegrin coast. Once a fishing village, is now world famous and recognized city - hotel, leaves no one indifferent. This unique island has 118 villas that are maintained medieval architecture, are connected by narrow stone-paved streets and Mediterranean vegetation gives it a special charm. The settlement which grew more than six centuries, the fortress is Pastrovic people who inhabited this area. Long was used to defend against numerous invaders, as evidenced loopholes and cannons on its walls. 


There are restaurants in the immediate environment BMV accommodation, situated are many good restaurants. With many dishes with international menu, offering a specific style of continental and coastal Montenegrin cuisine: smoked ham, cheese in olive oil, olives, fish (San Piero, bream, sea bream, sea bass, red mullet, mackerel, mullet, sardines ...), crab and shellfish (lobster, shrimp, octopus, squid), shellfish (date-shell, mussels ...), as well as lake and river fish (carp, bleak, eel, trout ...).

About Montenegro

Wonderland. A jar full of various kinds of treasures. As it is, indeed, says the legend, the god over Montenegro bag tore when he shared the gifts of nature, and his fallen out mountains and much more. Geographers will, however, say that this is an area in southern Europe and the Balkans, the small but unique bio-diversity, due to the impact of strong forces of nature in ancient times. Forces or by accident, just - it turned out nice and unusual, magnificent. 

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